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ZETALUBE 200 – Multi Purpose Grease



ZetaLube 200 is a multi-purpose grease suitable for application on bearing parts operating at medium speed. It is fortified with a proprietary package of additives that enhances its chemical and physical properties to provide the maintenance professionals a cost-effective and efficient lubricating grease for regular and preventive maintenance jobs.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability to protect against carbon residues build-up and heat stress.
  • Good adhesiveness to prevent fling-off of the grease from parts/components.
  • Can be used on machinery/equipment parts and components such as bearings where

lubricating oil is not desirable.

  • Excellent film strength to provide protection against metal-to-metal wear and moisture.
  • Good protection against corrosion and water wash-off.
  • Versatile applications – reduce inventory of lubricants.
  • Extends machinery/equipment service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Recommended Applications

  • Suitable for use in automotive and industrial machinery/equipment operating at medium speed where EP grease is not required.
  • Particularly suitable for use in electrical motor and wheel bearings carrying moderate loads.